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Panda Pottery are very happy to hold a special event in your office or home or chosen venue.  Gather a minimum of 6 children/adults and a Panda Pottery expert will be on hand to help you create your masterpieces!


Please make sure you have a table big enough to fit everyone, or we can run it in 2 blocks, whichever works best for you.  The event should last between 1.5-2 hrs.



We ask for a minimum spend of $2500 for an event. Pottery items range from $35-$240 each.  Children/adults can paint as many items as they wish. We will bring a selection of pottery to choose from, but we ask you to give us a rough idea of what you would like before the event.


We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.




Collection or delivery of pottery items


Once we have glazed and fired all of the pottery we will call you to arrange how you would like to receive the finished pottery - pickup or delivery- and this will be around 2 weeks from the party date.  


The final pottery can be delivered directly to your home for a charge of $350 ($100 for Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay). Alternatively you may rather collect the finished items from Clearwater Bay or Sai Kung for no charge!


Damaged Pottery


During the firing process the pottery is heated up to 1000 degrees, and on some occasions items are damaged.  In these unfortunate instances we offer a full refund for the damaged pottery.