We aim to make your pottery painting experience with Panda Pottery as simple and enjoyable as possible so we have put together the questions that people most commonly ask. 


If you have any other niggling questions please do not hesitate to call, we are always very happy to run through any queries! 


How does pottery painting work?

There really is only 3 steps, it couldn’t be simpler:

•   Chose your pottery piece (specialist pieces will need to be ordered in advance)

•   Chose your design and colours - you can first draw on your design in HB pencil if you would like and it will disappear in the kiln - and then paint away (including your name on the bottom of the finished piece)

•   We will then glaze and fire your items ready for your collection/delivery - usually 10-14 days later


What is the minimum spend for a baby/toddler hand & foot print party?

We require a minimum spend of $2800 (approximately $466 per baby/child with 6 painters). 


Will you help with taking hand & foot prints?

We recommend that we do indeed help with hand and foot prints as it is a bit of an art that we have been perfecting over the years!  If you want to try on your own then we are happy to drop the box but you might find capturing that perfect print is not as easy as it looks!


How old does my baby need to be for hand and footprints?

Footprints can be done from any age - we did our first set at 1 week old!


Handprints are almost impossible before 18 months - but we can always give it a go!  Babies have a natural reflex that means that their hands scrunch up into a little firm ball when touched - and therefore painted - clearly not what is required when trying to take a print!  We have a few tricks that we can try but can never guarantee success! 


What is the minimum spend for all other pottery painting parties (not hand and foot prints)?

We ask for a minimum spend of  $2,400 per pottery painting party.

Do you take a deposit for a pottery painting party?

We take a $500 deposit 2 weeks before the party.


What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy for all our pottery parties is 48 hours.


Will you be there to help at a birthday party?

Typically we deliver the box and leave you to it - many people prefer it that way and would rather do it themselves without a Panda Pottery host!  There is a folder included in the box with clear painting instructions & some painting ideas to spark those creative juices.


Everyone is different though and some people do feel happier to have a Panda Pottery host to manage the party.  The cost of this is $600 and we would expect to stay for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 


My child is obsessed with dragons/pirates/frogs (or whatever it may be!).  I can’t see any dragon /pirates/frogs (or whatever it may be!) on your pottery list, can you help? 

We always love a challenge at Panda Pottery and turning a dream into reality gives us great joy; it is a very rewarding part of the job.   So however unlikely you think it may be let us try to make it happen - we will try and source your theme aiming to give you a choice of pottery options, together with delivery time and price per item.  If you would like to proceed with any bespoke items we may require a slightly larger deposit.   Give us a call to discuss it!


I am an adult - can I have a pottery painting party?

Of course, painting is for all ages! 


We have had had dinner party painting parties, afternoon tea and cake painting parties and are keen to start our very own prosecco painting parties soon!


How long does it take to get our pottery back?

Your pottery has to be hand dipped in glazed, dried, wiped and then finally loaded into the kiln.  The firing itself then takes a couple of days to allow for safe cooling and packing.  It is not a quick process so it typically takes 10 to 14 days to return pottery after a party - we can assure you that it is worth the wait! 


How do we get the pottery back?

Once we have glazed, fired and packaged the pottery in individual bags for your ease of re-distribution, we will call you to arrange how you would like to receive the finished pottery.


It can be delivered directly to your home for a charge of $350 to HK Island, or $100 to Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay.


Collection from Happy Valley, Clearwater Bay or Sai Kung can be arranged at a mutually convenient time free of charge!


Can I get my pottery back any quicker?

We will do our best to get your pottery back to you as quickly as possible but cannot give guarantees that it can be any faster than 10-14 days.  It will really depend on the time of year and how much we have going through the kiln at the time of your party.  To be fair to all we do not allow queue jumping!


Are the paints safe for babies and children?

All our paints are safe - they are all water based and non toxic.


Do the paints wash out of clothes?

They do!  Do I hear a huge sigh of relief?


Can I mix the paint?

Yes, you can mix the paints but we have no idea what colour they will come out after firing so only do so at your own risk - and if you are prepared for a surprise!


What happens if it goes wrong in the kiln?

The very nature of ceramics makes it a very volatile material to work with - and sometimes pieces do crack in the kiln.  In the unfortunate case that this does happen to a piece and it is unusable you will be issued a full refund.  If it is only a minor cosmetic defect that does not affect the usability or desirabilty of your item then we will offer the appropriate discount.


Can someone do the writing for me?  Even some painting to finish my design? 

We can! Depending on the work involved we will charge a fee starting from $50 up. 

Can I put my pottery in the dishwasher/microwave?

We do not recommend you put your handcrafted pieces in the microwave.


It is safe to go in the dishwasher but we really do recommend hand washing to protect the life span of your piece.